Apartment update: Rug shopping

I've been loving Canadian House & Home lately. The February cover, featuring Sarah Harthill's gorgeous home really blew me away. That rug! It's from ecarpet gallery and I've spent hours since browsing their site and thinking a new rug would be just the thing to inject some freshness into my living room. And maybe my bedroom. Oh dear, now I'm really running away with myself...

So this is my living room, shot a few years ago when it was featured in N.E.E.T. It hasn't changed a whole lot since then, though the desk now lives in the corner and there are different drapes. On Friday, I opportunistically bought a vintage Knoll / Saarinen tulip dining table. It will sit in front of the window and I might get a pair of these Gus* chairs to go with it or perhaps these chairs from Green Light District. (As an aside, my licensed original Tulip cost less than one of the ubiquitous fakes out there, so if you love a design, hold out for the real deal and give a piece of well-made furniture a second life instead of peddling in disposable plastic crap). Also on my to-buy list is a side table, but that's a whole other post.

So what do you think? I'm thinking of getting rid of the brown Henley and getting a much larger rug that would allow the chairs that back onto the bookcase to sit fully on it. I like rugs with a touch of blue because that's my only existing colour. And I prefer the more coral-to-rust shades of red (versus bright red to burgundy). Here are some of the ones I've been looking at:

Here are the links to the ones shown here, though I'm sure they'll be gone by the time I get around to buying. which do you prefer? 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 all from ecarpet gallery. And I hope I don't have to say that this is not a sponsored post.
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