First, thank you all so much for your comments on my last blog post. I read them all, but didn't find space in my days to respond (I will, I promise!) In particular, please read Sarai's comment as she presents a really interesting counter to my perspective. Ultimately, it's not where I land, but her argument is certainly something to give pause to and consider (thanks Sarai!)

I also read this by Colm Tóibín early in the week. There's a gentleness in Tóibín's writing that I adore. His a voice full of home to me.

My Dad would often burst into poetry the way others might burst into song. Reciting poetry changes its texture in a very special way — not just by sharing with others, but even just for yourself. Those feelings, so introspective, are given voice to, literally. The structure, the cadence, the weave of the words becomes more salient. The shaping of the lips and tongue around the words; it all becomes sensual. There are some poems I just love because I love the feeling of forming their words, love the sound of my own voice making the sounds.

I also enjoyed this read from Aeon not only for the animal angle, but also this new-to-me concept of "mutuality of being."

"Mutuality of being refers to a special type of relationship, one that overlaps with friendship but has its own distinct qualities... Mutuality of being, he writes in What Kinship Is — And Is Not (2013), comes about when people are ‘co-present in each other’. More than just spending time together, the individuals involved remain emotionally and cognitively taken up with each other’s lives even when they are not together."

I think I expected my fresh start this week without really letting myself recover from the weeks preceding it. I found my dreams hungover with old worries. I had a lot of sleep in me still. I have today off work, though. I think it will be a good weekend.

I hope yours is too!
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