Sunday best: Unremorseful

I'm not going to lie - I've had a spendy weekend. On Friday, with my face freshly unstitched, I felt like I had earned a little pick-me-up. It turned into a big one. At Augustina, I was seduced by the new Loeffler Randall collection and also by this Athena Procopiou tunic (seriously guys, it's grey and has roses. How could I resist?)

At Holts, I also bought just a wee bottle or Sycomore. Within 30 minutes, a man and then a woman asked me what perfume I was wearing, which was all it took for me to mentally erase that cost.

I feel my style, or mood, is getting darker and darker. I've been thinking about getting a tattoo. Instead, I bought a rose print (yes, another rose) from Jennifer Ament. I've been saving up for this for a long time and given how hard the last few weeks have been, I'm letting myself be saucy.

Usually purchases are long-considered and well spaced-out for me. And, of course, it's fashionable these days to pooh-pooh the redemptive powers of shopping. But although guilt is never at a safe distance, I'm also feeling okay about the fact I sometimes just plain want and that I also work hard enough to sometimes give in to that feeling.

At the Chanel counter at Holts, some woman was having a meltdown over heavens knows what. She started screaming. I'm sure it wasn't about the nail polish, or mascara or whatever it was she was buying. I've felt that brittle myself a few times lately so my shock was laced with concern.

But she escalated to a whole other extreme of ferocious meanness. I mean, not to be all Holly Golightly, but if you can't be happy at the Chanel beauty counter, then where can you be? Because sometimes, with all the bends in our brains, with all the things unsaid and unsayable to the people we most need to say things to, the simplicity of a indulgent transaction can really smooth a wrinkled soul.

Products: Mama's Rose print from Jennifer Ament | Ryan tee from Everlane | Sycomore from Les Exclusifs de Chanel | Charley boot from Madewell | Smoke red nail polish by Tom Ford | Luciano Cono Bracelet from Vita Fede | MiH Paris jeans from Net-a-Porter | Loeffler Randall Work Tote, purchased from Augustina
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