Just dropping in to say hello and happy weekend!

What I thought would be a super-short week turned into a strange medieval form of torture. But I'm taking back today and just returned from the flower market. This arrangement was inspired by one in the Flower Recipe Book -- a book I bought many months ago, but this is the first time I remembered to look at it before I went to market.

TIFF is on right now and it always turns Toronto into a bit of a circus. It's changed so much in the 10 years since I lived here and I miss when it felt more down-to-earth. But there are some films I would love to see, most notably The Sea.

I'm also starting to feel really excited about some fall reading. And fall temperatures. And the stretched light of fall. And the cashmere and the whiskey.

Also notable:
- Toronto darlings Horses Atelier opened an online shop.
- We can all buy a Carly Waito print!
- Read.Look.Think. and welcome to sweet Sunday!

Happy weekend, everybody!
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