Shinola watches

I started wearing a watch again last year and now I wear one every day. I have a few that make me happy (Daniel Wellington, Boca), but I don't think I've found The One yet. Watches are a whole thing you can get into, as we all know, and I really can't afford to cultivate a really meaningful obsession here. Happily, these watches by Shinola seem to strike an elusive sweetspot.

When it comes to timepieces I have a couple of must-haves: I prefer a round face and I mostly want silver or stainless steel (over a gold metal). But most of all I'm picky about the numerals. I hate Roman numerals and I'll pass over a watch if the number 6 is missing (it's my favourite number and once you start to notice how often it's missing from an Arabic numeral watch, it will fuel a strange sort of obsessiveness).

Unusually, given what I just said about gold, I'm drawn most to the black face and green strap of the third one down. See more here.

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