I had a very work-weighed week. So much so, that I've just been fantasizing about sitting still, falling into one of those veiled gazes where no object is in focus and the world becomes an impressionistic blur. I have today off and am only permitting lovely things.

But this morning, my heart was broken by the news of Seamus Heaney's death. It always seems strange to me (phoney of me even) to have strong emotional reactions to the passing of people I didn't know. But I've caught myself shedding tears today, thinking of favourite poems this wonderful man planted in me, lines memorized that conjure my soft and rugged home. Two favourites here and here.

I think because I'm so worn out and down, I've been extra fragile (a few of you commented on it in this week's posts - thank you for caring. Sometimes it feels like you're more in tune with my feelings than the people who physically surround me). Hila's piece over on Meanjin also moved me incredibly. Indeed, it is one of my favourite pieces that Hila has written, so I hope you'll check it out too.

And other than that, I found gentle salves in images like these and this simple, perfect lookbook. I also rejoined Instagram because other lives are sometimes easy, pleasurable things to wallow in and my own long days seem a little more bearable when they surrender a pretty picture.

Finally, if like so many bloggers and blog-readers, you fetishize the list, add this to yours: Mark O'Connell's list about lists.

And also, have a happy (long, I hope) weekend!
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