I love my blues. And I have  a new discovery: I splurged on Sunday Riley's Disrobe body lotion last week and am in love with it. It doesn't smell divine and the packaging isn't gorgeous, but my skin has never been softer. And this Sea Salt Soap is one of my landlocked sea substitutes. I really love the smell of it and the squeaky clean feeling.

I've blogged Judy Ross cushions a gazillion times and I finally bought one (on wicked sale) from Hollace Cluny a few weeks ago. It's one of my favourite stores in Toronto and it's moving, which makes me feel forlorn. It's been one of my neighbourhood anchors since I moved here.

My apartment is full of blue hydrangeas right now. These ones are from Katy's blog - just so bountiful and such a rare, perfect colour for flowers. There's also some lust for Toast's new collection; this sweet denim skirt is similar to ones I've owned in past lives... it makes me feel nostalgic and I feel myself wanting something old and familiar anew.

One of the most exciting things on the distant horizon right now is that our office is relocating (within walking distance of my apartment!) That and this milder weather have me thinking about buying a bike and the possibility of biking to work. I love the blue Linus Dutchi. Such a perfect shade!

Links: Hydrangeas from Katy Elliott | Sea Salt Soap | Judy Ross | Toast | Sunday Riley | Linus
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