Sunday best: Sunny unreality

It's too hot for a realistic Sunday best, but isn't this lovely? So sweet and demure.

It's not all fiction though, I will be reading the latest Dublin Review today - I have so much reading to catch up on (all of these!) And I might go for an ice lolly too.

Yesterday evening, I went to see Frances Ha. Have you seen it? I really didn't enjoy it. I thought I might like it the way I did Happy Go Lucky. But I felt like I couldn't really relate to it. Like, are these female characters (Girls etc.) to girls that age what Winona was to girls like me? I just find that a bleak sortof view of the world and of self and lacking real agency or sincerity or hope. I know I'm not articulating that well.

But I did have a nice (very belated) birthday dinner afterwards at The Oxley. And I came home delightfully full and hot, had a long soak and a deep sleep.

Wishing you a lovely Sunday. Stay cool!

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