The Mountains of Mourne

Yesterday, I was going to head into town, but I ended up driving to Northern Ireland and around the Mourne Mountains instead. It was a beautiful day -- that shocking shade of green you expect in Ireland magnified by the clear air and cloudless sky. Rhododendrons grow wild all along the roadsides and between them and the jolt of yellow from gorse, it looked like somebody had been playing with their Photoshop levels.

I didn't take many pictures. But I'd love to go back and walk the mountain pathways sometime. I grew up during less happy times in Northern Ireland. And, truth be told, I've always felt a little nervous about the place, remembering reactions to our Irish accents and license plates, and mirrors being rolled under cars at shopping centres. The differences to me now are more aesthetic than political. But the beauty of the countryside on both sides of the border is pretty undeniable.

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