St. Doulagh's Church & a faerie trees

There's a tiny church about five minutes from my parent's house and I'd never really explored it, preferring as I do to walk the seafront and the cliffs. But these are the kinds of things I kick myself about when I'm far away and so today I went there for a little snoop. My timing was happy because they were giving a tour.

The oldest part of St Doulagh's dates back to the 12th Century, and the more modern addition (still in use) is Victorian. The history on the tour was vague enough. But St Doulagh himself was an Anchorite from the 7th Century. He supposedly is buried on the grounds and there's a hole in one wall where you can stick your head in to get close to him. The church is remarkable for it's standalone bapistry and steep stone roof. Oh, and a leper's window for good measure.

Irish people won't cut down a hawthorn tree (they're considered faerie trees), so they excavated / built around the one in the second image below.

You can hear more here.
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