Sunday best: Summer flowers

I'm throwing out the rulebook on seasons for the rest of 2013. The only thing to rightly call this weekend is summer. Everybody in my building has thrown windows open and last night the piano players played me to sleep.

It's one of my favourite times when the sun shines down on those delicate first blossoms, the tender shoots of green. I spent most of the day out yesterday, walking down side streets and envying those with magnolia trees taking over their entire front garden. Small groups of us looked upwards and held phones up to light and the blossoms. Parents told children the names of flowers and trees.

I came home with armfuls of flowers from the market; roses and peonies, hyacinths, tulips and freesia. At the checkout I threw in a posy of lily-of-the-valley. As I trudged up the hill on Poplar Plains a woman cycled by, huffing her way. She looked at my arms and breathlessly said, beautiful. The day was filled with such small moments, each one perfect, everybody seeming happy.

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