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Last week, I took a gander around Elte in Toronto. It put me in the decorating mood (though, to be fair, I'm nearly always in a decorating mood). For me, that's largely mean craving sensual things... chairs that are comfortable to curl up in with a book, light that warms, vases filled with heady blossoms and rugs that feel like silk underfoot.

I've so long hated broadloom (I grew up with it and always craved exposed wood). But one of my friends recently carpeted her entire upstairs in silken broadloom and walking barefoot on it is such a delight. I would never completely cover my lovely original oak floors (one of the few lovely features of my apartment), but a rug in my bedroom might capture the same pleasure.

Other than that, my list looks pretty consistent with sometime last year. I never did get around to finding a pair of leather armchairs. And lighting - it's always so difficult to invest in, even though it makes the biggest difference. A Frances Palmer vase, however, is starting to look like an annual investment. The two I own now bring me untold pleasure. A tulipiere seems like something I ought to own, no? I a little obsessed with them!

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