This week was another big heave-ho and so my links are much more of the "look and feel" than "read and think" variety (though of course looking and feeling can also lead to thinking).

I loved Victoria's photo "Real life, CafĂ© Comercial, Madrid" and thought then about the singular deliciousness of reading in a coffee shop - is it the perfect blend of public and private, being alone and in-the-world?

I looked at Amy's flowers and felt all she said about her city. I thought about seasons and change a lot this week. About going home soon and the different me I am there versus the me I am here . And the solid luxury of never having to choose between, because the loss would be great on either side.

The little stuff that has been filling the in-between includes Sketch the Book (one of my favourite Tumblrs) and Hannibal (my new favourite show). Fragments of poetry, Winnie-the-Pooh and Maira Kalman are my go-tos on frenzied days.

This weekend: A haircut and buying the things I need to buy before I go to Ireland. Digestion of thoughts and ideas that haven't sunk in yet. Some sort of gathering. Some sort of peace.

Happy weekend!
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