It's nice to be back after my short trip away... it was also very nice to be away.

Calgary was unchanged in ways both reassuring and somewhat haunting. I expected any moment to see a past version of myself walk by the Heartland Cafe or walking by the Bow. I also spent time holding the sweetest wee man, establishing myself firmly in the role of unofficial auntie.

I returned to a Toronto replete with spring. The magnolias are blooming and I made my recurring resolution to one day have a garden with a magnolia tree. I felt that bubbling energy for change that comes with a shift in the light and temperature. I read an old book and bought a new dress.

This weekend: Flowers galore, inspired by Jessica. A browse in this lovely shop for something for wee Marcel. A new book to sink my teeth into... and just catching up to where I am from where I've been.

Normal posting resumed. Have a lovely weekend!

Links: Book | Plane | Dress
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