Sunday best: Spring rain

Overnight, rain crept into my consciousness and I woke to streets veiled softly. It has dried up now, but the sun isn't breaking through yet. The sky is muted and it's dulling the edges of my mind, already a little worse for sloe gin fizzes from last night.

I love today's ensemble. Prices aside, it not only feels like a pretty fair representation of what I would wear, but also what I've of what I've worn since my teenage years, when - for some reason - we also ran around in aran jumpers and wax jackets, just a battered Land Rover short of being wealthy Meath farmers.

I found myself craving a new parka last week. Our springs are usually a lot less transitional than this one and I could do with a lighter coat. I saw some yesterday, but wasn't much in the trying-on mood. And I'm not sure I am today either.

But I will go out for coffee and some air and I'll let the rain do that thing it does with my hair because nobody will see me anyway. I'll begin a new book, or maybe reread an old one. And later on, when the coffee has worked its magic, I'll try to get some writing done.

Happy Sunday!

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