Work kept me busy all week. I stayed mostly quiet and to myself. Moments when whatever I could have said felt needless and dumb.

I found it hard to get up. Hard to go to sleep. I wondered if I was coming down with something. I seemed to come down with something (all my talk shattered). I kept working anyway, feverish and not quite right.

I saw some theatre. I read recipes books for flowers and food in bed. I drew baths, some too hot and some too cold. One just right. I slept, the windows open, an extra blanket. The rain woke me at 2am, my thirst unquenchable.

I printed and read this and was in its thrall. I saved this for later. I thought this beautiful.

Have a lovely weekend!

Links from image: Laura Mercier | Soulpepper | Illesteva | Studio Choo
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