Yesterday was the first day I noticed something pure and green beginning to bud up under the brown grass. And on the bus ride home I saw a robin and then another and another. It was cold this week, but it suddenly lifted and Spring awoke.

I'm still thinking about buying one of those astrological charts I blogged about a few weeks ago. These stargazing samplers put me in mind of them again.

And I enjoyed reading this Orlando Gough piece over on Toast Travels this week too. Although some of his examples don't sit quite right, I love the rhythm of his words, the tug-of-war expressed that seems to resonate so deeply, not just with food.

I've been reading Deborah Levy's Swimming Home too. Actually, it's been a while since I did a book report and I owe you many. Perhaps I'll compile them all in one post next week. But Levy's book is something special. It doesn't immediately remind me of anything I've read before, or even imagined, and that's exciting to read.

I've also been writing; a spontaneous flash piece on the subway on the way to work yesterday and a short story that's going to need much more marinating before I decide where to try to place it. There'll be more writing this weekend, I hope, but also easy-going things and, fingers crossed, dreamless sleep.

Inspired by Jessica's amazing pop of colour, I'll hit the flower market too.

What are you up to? Happy weekend!
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