April already! I feel like I want to make new resolutions this month. To cook more, to eat more colour, to exercise more. Over the weekend, I read Helen's post and thought, exactly. So, here are some things I'd like to commit to in the next few weeks:

(1) Exercise
I have a spinning bike and just need to get back to doing my circuits, five times per week. I also need to limber up, so I'll do 20 mins of yoga after 45 mins of spinning. This was my exercise routine in the past and it worked for me. I hate gyms and classes, so being able to workout at home or outdoors is key to my success.

(2) Diet
I have stacks of cookbooks and yet my meals have started to betray a distinct lack of variety. It's definitely good to have some faithful favourites, but I want to dip into my recipe books and Donna Hay magazines and try different ingredients and recipes, especially those heavy on fresh fruits and veggies. I'm going to start by making this.

(3) Cut back on coffee
I drink one very big cup of coffee a day and I love it. But lately, it has started to feel more acidic to me and that I need, more than savour, it. I'm going to take a break from daily coffee for a few weeks and reintroduce it in smaller measure. I want to enjoy my coffee always, not pound it back.

(4) Find the right motivation
I sometimes use impossible ideas to motivate myself, only to feel disillusioned when those ideals fail to manifest. I think this is a common thing; a mindset from childhood when we were told we could grow up to be whatever we wanted, or from teenage years when magazines were taken as literal possibilities. But I'm a thirty-something woman, not a child or teen. I need to set goals and ideas that relate to me and not to some wholly disassociated idea I've carried for too long. A dose of realism, Janey (not my strength).

(5) Different work isn't down time
The thing I want to do when I'm most burned out from my job is write. It's not always the best thing for me. It's like I'm trying to negate difficult work experiences with the kind of work I love doing. I need to find the non-work way of relaxing. This is going to be a tough one because as well as a day job, I do a lot of freelance writing and then I try to blog and write fiction too. Clearly, writing is most important to me, but my writing is definitely stronger when I'm kind to my body too. Some balance, then.

Happy April!
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