Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post! I let the happy energy from that acceptance fuel a few new submissions and kick off a new short story too.

I love beginning something new, before you start demanding of it a shape or an arc or a reason to be, when it can be abandoned as easily as continued, without implications or harsh judgements. The more time goes on, the harder it is to walk away; the more it means you were wrong or ill-equipped. It all gets more difficult then.

This weekend, I think I'll head down into the ravine too. Up here, it seems that spring is refusing to take its grip and I want to see what's happening down there, if it's coming up from the ground to meet the air above. I feel like if I see the soil down there stir with green, my faith will be restored. There's no reassurance to be found from looking skywards.

My four day week has been quite long enough, thank you very much; something about debunked expectations of grand relief, I'm sure. Somehow, though, three-day weekends still manage to fly...

Still, happy weekend, you guys!
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