Sunday best: Taxed & untaxed

Yesterday, I worked myself up into a tizzy thinking our tax deadline was the end of the month. Though the day wasn't all bad; I went for a big stroll and then watched Skyfall... you know, the kinds of things you do when you're avoiding doing something else (btw, Skyfall was amazing, my favourite Bond ever).

Anyway, I finally settled down to do them and it was all much easier than I expected because I really am ridiculously organized and it was a straightforward year. And just when as I hit "file", I realize I'm a full month early. Jeez louise. I mean, I'm glad they're done, but talk about spinning your tires.

So, today I'm allowed to relax properly.

All week, I felt like I was moving from moment to moment without greater context, so it's lovely now to land on Sunday and feel there's no major task or chore to do. The day is stretched right out in front of me and I can take it upon myself to do anything at all, or even nothing at all...

Do you like the shoes? I actually bought them — a complete impulse purchase... when they arrived I wasn't as head over heels with them as I imagined I'd be, but then I put them on and I love them. Mostly, I'm excited for sockless days again!

Happy Sunday!

Products: Comme des Garcon cardigan from La Garconne | Current/Elliott The Boyfriend jean from Net-a-Porter | E0701S earrings from Satomi Kawakita | Making Certain It Goes On: The Collected Poems of Richard Hugo | Pouch by Falconwright | Silent by Damir Doma shoes from SSense
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