Sunday best: Just Sunday

The last few weekends have been dictated by the weather, so I was happy yesterday to stare down my street at clear paths. Although it was cold still, I walked for a long time and browsed in shops. And I felt my legs find their strength again as I took normal steps instead of the wary tread of icy streets.

Of course, many people in Canada have another few months of winter. But, I'm just glad we're beginning to emerge here in Toronto. It's really knocked it out of me this year. And it makes me happy to see the sun rising a little higher each day, that strange seasonal amnesia slowly lifting.

And today will just be a Sunday like that, I'll walk and browse, drink coffee and read my book. I'll do some writing, because I haven't been doing that. And all these banal things will feel special for their normalcy.

Happy Sunday!

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