Sunday best: Colourfully

Colour has been creeping into my life a little more lately. Just small ways, mostly temporary - nail polish and candles, flowers of course. I think I'll always be mostly colour-shy.

You've seen me connect my muted ways to the palette of Ireland; it's misty greys and greens, it's churned sea. And it isn't that I've lied about that, but it's not the entire truth. Because every time I'm home, I'm also overwhelmed by how much colour people inject into this muted palette. While I lie happily in its shroud, they go to war and assault this peaceable backdrop with their fuchsia pinks and brazen yellows, garish greens and zealous blues.

So, my little colour adoptions remind me a little of home in that way. And, of course, I'm thinking about home today anyway. So I thought I'd share some colourfulness, an antidote to plastic and tinsel green on this bastardized holiday.

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig. Happy Sunday!

Products: Green by Byredo | Tippi Pleated shirt dress from Toast | Snake stud earrings from Ariel Gordon | Satin lip pencil from NARS | Eric purse from Mimi Berry | Swedish Hasbeens from Madewell

Other photographs: All my own.
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