Beauty essentials - updated

Yesterday, I took myself to Sephora and splurged on some new potions. I also stood, for the kabillionth time, in front of the wall of Clarisonics and vacillated. They seem like such an infomercial product, my inner skeptic has a field day taunting me for considering one. Yet, at the same time, I think "ooooh exfoliaty!" (please leave comments to sway me one way or the other!)

Last year, I put together a post about my regular beauty products and I decided to update it. Some of the products have remained the same, which is a good sign really, since they seem to really work for me. But my skin has changed too. It seems drier, certainly more dehydrated, this winter. And I've been reaching for Rodin's Olio Lusso a lot as a supplement to my regular routine, as well as switching to Eve Lom's cleanser more often.

Skincare: Clinique | Dr. Weil for Origins | Dermalogica
Body: L'Occitane | Rodin | Byredo
Special: Eve Lom | Kiehl's | Institut Esthederm

- I'm never satisfied with any eye cream, but I've bought this one three times in a row, so I think it's the best I've tried.
- The Dr. Weil is a new purchase from yesterday, but so far I like it. I have the palest of pale skin so I really hope it will get rid of some brown spots I've been noticing.
- Eve Lom cleanser is now available in Canada (from my beloved Gee Beauty), so this has moved back into my regular regimen, especially when my skin is too dry for the Dermalogica cleaner.
- Rodin skin cream was Christmas present. I still use drugstore body lotion for the most part, but my arms have been loving the Rodin.

Face: Laura Mercier | Tom Ford | Laura Mercier
Eyes: NARS | Chanel | Dior
Lips & Nails: Tom Ford | Sara Happ | Guerlain

- The Tom Ford foundation recommendation came courtesy of Lisa Eldridge. I also use (more affordably) Bourjois Healthy Mix, though it is more yellowy and I'm more pinkish.
- Laura Mercier Rose Petal blush. If something is named "rose" I will want it. Thankfully, it suits me.
- Tom Ford nail polish is a ridiculous splurge but it lasts longer than any other brand.
- I could not have got through winter without Sara Happ
- The Guerlain lipstick is a new purchase. It's a creamier version of the YSL stain I loved last year.
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