An escape

I'm not very good, sometimes, at recognizing signs of stress or exhaustion in myself. I tend to keep pushing even when I'm showing signs of wearing thin. And then, when I come crashing down, it's usually a surprise to nobody but myself.

But on days like today, when my soul needs soothing and my body is rebelling against the very idea of going on, I understand the importance of taking a break. And I know this will be a fleeting thing and tomorrow I'll launch myself back into work and forget the moment today when I thought about saltwater and mountain air as the things I can't go on without.

This beautiful holiday home is in Somerset. The pictures alone soothe my soul and I'm posting them (likely in vain) to remind myself to not be so reckless with my own well-being. But, for now, just the fantasy: Shall we go? Let's go.

Images from Unique Home Stays.
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