I think we all do this: Fall into a familiar sort of relationship with something we don't like, getting comfortable with that feeling, letting it mould itself to us and moulding our own days around it. We stop realizing the thing is anathema to us, how it grates and degrades and saddens us.

It really is a wonderful thing about the human brain, our ability to inhibit information. It allows us to focus for one thing. If we couldn't inhibit the vast amount of sense data bombarding us at every moment; the sounds and sights and smells, every tingle on every nerve ending, we'd fast have some kind of mental breakdown. Our brain lets us inhibit some of that data so we can focus on other parts, so we can concentrate and create and pursue in that zeroed-in way we do.

But this function also lets us inhibit things we really ought to take notice of. We start working around unfortunate situations and people rather than addressing them. As consumers of information we do this too, blocking out challenging or confrontational ideas, troubling news and returning to familiar comfortable places.

2013 is turning out to be a year when I confront those things that I've been aware of, but have too long inhibited. The process is painful. There are legitimate reasons I've been inhibiting certain ideas, information, emotions, after all. But whether it's because of my own readiness, or external changes forcing me in a certain direction, I no longer feel like there's an option to carry on that way.

I really believe that simply beginning to think about these things, letting myself simply acknowledge the sense-data I've been inhibiting, will initiate change. Some kind of Carveresque "Will You Please Be Quiet, Please?" is sure to burst forth once I acknowledge all the noise that's crowding and jostling me. And as much as all this confrontation and change can challenge and upset, I know I will be better for it.

That's all for now, from a snowy Toronto.

Have a great weekend, guys!
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