How lovely for a Friday to roll around after a short work week. Although it feels like I barely glanced off the office this week, I'm ready for a break. But first...

This week, my blog friend Acacia wrote this brave post. Yes, I said brave. It's a word people use a lot to praise each other on the blogosphere. And not that I want to be a detractor of the kind sentiments they're expressing, but a lot of what that word is assigned to doesn't count as brave in my books.

But Acacia is brave and her post was brave and angry and just and it moved me tremendously.

When I shared Acacia's post with the Etsy editor who had created the e-mail, she replied with a very pat response: "Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention. Always appreciate the feedback on how to improve & grow". This further angered me. I myself have guest-blogged for Etsy and blogged about numerous Etsy sellers, I've been a supporter of, and contributor to, their community. So my reaction is magnified because I have counted myself as part of the Etsy community...

I'm so angry at Etsy's glibness and lack of sincere compassion, at their sellers' disingenuousness (though, of course, I don't blame the sellers who just happened to have pink products but make no "pink cause" connection who were included in the e-mail) and also at Etsy's own lack of participation in making any kind of contribution of pink causes, while they merrily use cancer to market their site and sellers.

And I'm so angry for Acacia because I can't begin to fathom how this must make her feel. And I'm frustrated for people who buy these products mistakenly assuming that they're helping in some way. Of course, Etsy isn't the only retailer participating in "pinkwashing", but that doesn't negate this criticism. Etsy should know better and they should also have given Acacia's e-mail and her blog post more respectful consideration and responded more professionally and substantially*.

I know this isn't my usual cathartic Friday blog post and there were other lovely things this week, I'm sure, that I just can't summon right now.

But I do hope you all have a lovely weekend!

* cf. this - a great role model for how an organization, and an individual, should respond to personal criticism.

P.S. The photo above was the sky one morning this week as I left for work. For a moment, my entire apartment was suffused with pink light; that's a form of pinkwashing I can get behind.
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