Ever since I wrote this post, I've been thinking about vanitas. I don't usually have a taste for the macabre... I definitely couldn't live with this kind of imagery. But as a movement, I find it intriguing.

And one of my favourite places to visit in Dublin is the Natural History Museum, or the Dead Zoo as we used call it. And it's definitely macabre... you can tell the Victorians were really quite nuts. But there's something compelling about those places. I never quite got it.

And then last week when my peonies were wilting and fading, I found myself thinking about beauty and decay. And I suddenly saw all those curiosities with a wonder that had always escaped me. And, no, I don't think I'll be filling my apartment with taxidermy and skulls. But there's something nice when you find yourself drawn to something you thought you'd surely never fully get.

Products / artwork credits:
1. Vanitas 002 (2005) by Crystal Dent
2. Peonies | Thistle fabric | Nail polish | French Sea Fans | Cache pot | Mirror | Graphite Quill
3. Photography by Erwin Olaf for client: BS, via
4. Leggings | Sofa | French Sea Fans | Lover's Eye | Candle | Peonies

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