I can't believe it's Friday already. This week has been such a whirligig and I've been excited about Saturday since last Monday.

Last weekend, I found a new favourite coffee shop and I'm dying to hang out there this weekend and finish my book, start another. And I'm going to hit the flower markets with a friend and we're going to make arrangements together with all our shared flowers!

I've been terribly busy but also happy - the things I'm working on are all fun projects. I've also been having lots of thoughts about work-life balance lately... if it's really meaningful, desirable for a person like me, if there's a less oppositional way of phrasing it. Is it really work versus life? Can't it be work and life dovetailing more beautifully?

I think another key to my happiness this week was the fact I made room for exercise each day. I don't know why I disbelieve it... When I exercise I always feel better. What will it take to make that stick in my thick skull?! A pox upon my mutable nature!

From exercise to tasty treats... Helen's Baci di Ricotta look like something sent by the gods. And Eilis posted this video from Dublin Town (such a great site!) and I squealed with delight when I saw John Gunn at 4:10. This man sold me all my camera film and photography paper for years and his store is one my favourite places ever. On a less sentimental note, I also fell hard for the amazing footwear in this post over on Miss Moss.

And so that's it for another week. What are you up to this weekend? Have a grand one!
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