Green things

As I type, Bringing Nature Home (photographed and written by the incredibly talented Ngoc Minh Ngo with floral work by Nicolette Owen) is winging its way to me. This is time of year that I really crave a garden, even a few pots on a fire escape. But I'm also glad for flower markets and the citrus trees on my window-sill... they seem to never tire of bearing fragrant flowers and tiny fruit for me!

I know this book is going to inspire my future trips to the flower markets. Sometimes, I'm just happy to plonk flowers in a vase and watch them bend and unfurl as the week passes. Whether it's a little or a lot, making room for green things is one of those miniature moments of beauty... perhaps all the more beautiful because it's fleeting, always changing, never completely tameable.

Image credits: 1. Amy's amazing work for BHLDN, photographed by David Meredith | 2. Summerhouse by HSP Garden Buildings | 3. Sweet Paul magazine feature, photographed by Andrea Bricco, styled by Alicia Buszczak | 4. Goose Cottage garden designed by Rachel Warne | 5. Excerpt from Bringing Nature Home, photographed by Ngoc Minh Ngo, via Design*Sponge
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