Spring polka

This week, spring has exploded on Toronto. Yesterday evening, I actually sat outdoors and ate honey ice-cream in the sun. The transition from hot chocolate to frozen desserts is not usually so sudden or so early. And although it might give me pause, I'm really so happy for the burst of a new season that I won't second-guess it.

And suddenly I just wanted something new to wear for the lovely weather! I've been talking myself out of a lot of purchases lately. But when I saw the polka dot dresses in the new Toast collection, I knew it would be a dress that I'd eventually buy. And I just thought, why wait and go through all that self-flagellating vacillation when I already know the outcome?

I had a hard time choosing between the dress and tunic, but landed on the dress. Pretty excited for it to get here! Have I told you how much I adore polka dots? They're my stripes!

P.S. More divine dottiness over here!
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