Often I reach Friday and it’s like the last clawing mile of a long run, but today I feel energetic and excited about this weekend.

I’m going to buckle down to some long put-off chores and I know I’ll feel good checking each one off the list. It’s the last weekend of January too and that feels like a milestone. It’s been a good start to 2012, I think, though it threw me for a loop a few times. Ultimately, I think I was coasting into the New Year and I needed that jarring. I feel even more resolved now than I did at the start of the month.

I had so many “ahh lovely” moments on the blogosphere this week. Anabela started a new series called Repository and it’s all kinds of lovely. I’ve always been tempted to do something more visual with my Friday round-ups, but I want to come up with something different. It’s hard when people like Anabela, Miss Moss and Kate do such a kick-ass job with theirs. I’ll put my thinking cap on!

I also very much liked Katy’s interview with artist Kathy Galligan and these beautiful photographs by Ines Nepomuceno, via Kinfolk. Hila’s post about publishing woes hit a nerve (you could also replace “publishing” with “journalism” and the post would stand). And back on pretty, these tone-on-tone wedding dress shots struck me as particularly beautiful. And this apartment over on Roseline’s made me want to buy abundant pink roses and gilded picture frames.

Some house-keeping: There’s now threaded commenting on blogger (hip hip!) making it easier for me to respond to readers, which I like to do! I still haven’t fully resolved the invisible comment issue and blogger help boards were a rabbit warren of unconfirmed fixes. I think it’s firmly an unresolved issue on their side. If this happens to you please know I’m not rejecting your comments (unless you’re a spammer or self-promoter) but simply not seeing them. Finally, I started using Instagram and if you’re on there you might like to follow me at seenandsaid.

That's me for this week... have a lovely weekend!
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