Hooray for Friday! It felt like a week of Wednesdays - a huge hump I just couldn't get over.

January's early hope sets you up for feelings of listlessness and lack of momentum. You pull the pendulum right back at the start of the year, expecting it to swing dramatically, sweeping away everything in front of it. But somehow it defies gravity and just hangs there. And all that sweeping change you got yourself ready for seems to stall.

Of course, there were nice things this week too. Blogging over at Hila's was a complete pleasure - such thoughtful and insightful comments to flatter and cheer me. And I loved the post she wrote directly after mine. Hila and I often seem aligned, though we come at things very differently and it's always a pleasure to meet her in the middle and compare routes.

I also loved Anabela's purse. I did my own purse revelation some time ago (it hasn't changed much!) Anabela's style is always so compelling and completely her, I'm always drawn to it, though I dare not try to reach out and touch it. I'm just happy to sortof revel in it from the sidelines.

It's my dear friend Laura's birthday this weekend (everybody say "Happy Birthday, Laura!") and we have some fun adventures planned. (That's Laura modelling her handknits in the above photo). But as I write, I'm mostly looking forward to a bath and tonight's sleep, hoping it's deep and dream-free.

Have a great weekend!
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