The first full week back is hard, isn’t it? I wasn’t quite ready for those old familiar feelings about alarm clocks and meetings.

Still, my week was good. I did loads of yoga and other exercise, mostly wanting to warm up after coming in from a bitterly cold spell in Toronto. And I ate healthy green things and drank gallons of water, enjoyed washing my face more than any human ought to (I love my new skincare products!)

I’m feeling nesty too and found myself browsing for bedside lamps, thinking of the pictures I need to get framed and where I might hang them and generally fussing, rearranging and cleaning. Too much time indoors, I guess, making me a little stir crazy. But I like fussing too, so it’s all grand.

I think I might pick a brand new recipe to cook this weekend, something warming and spicy, perhaps. And I’ll finish one book and start another. I’ve got a stack on my coffee table and would mostly just like to just read non-stop until spring. It seems like such a simple wish… Alas, my life is not so!

I have a wide assortment of things starred in my reader right now, including Katy’s rustic winter tart and Hila’s beautiful New Year poem/post. This post about Beckett’s doodles and notebooks and Leslie Williamson’s post about Eva Zeisel (RIP) – one of my favourite inspiring women.

Happy weekend!

Image, my own. More here.
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