Sunday best: Strawberry days

I'm completely addicted to strawberries right now. My favourite thing to do is muddle a mint simple syrup and pour it over halved strawberries. If you leave it to macerate for a bit at room temperature, it becomes a thing of exquisite beauty.

My weekend has been unusually unscheduled and yet happily productive. Yesterday, I did some early morning writing and then went to the coffee shop with a new book. I collected a new delivery of wooden things for the shop and bought myself a lime tree at the garden centre. Then, I discovered a baby lemon on my meyer lemon tree and got disproportionately excited.

Today, I'm going to eat more strawberries (obviously) and also do housework. I love giving over my Sundays to chores, setting my apartment straight for the week ahead. But it's not all elbow grease today. I'm going to hang some pictures and move around some displays. I'll do yoga and then watch Game of Thrones. Just a simple, summer Sunday!

Happy, happy!

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