Sunday best: Rothko and cake

Today is my 35th birthday. I started out the year thinking of this as my "scary age". In certain moments, it still scares me. It was probably the background of all those moments of pause and stock-taking last week. But I'm really happy right now.

Today, I'm going to the Abstract Expressionist exhibition at the AGO. I bought the ticket ages ago and planned to go by myself; I don't like to think about other people when I experience art. I like to be entirely selfish, not fretting about whether it's fun for the other person or if it's time to move on to the next room.

Rothko is an important artist for me. He, along with Kandinsky, played a starring role in my postgrad research. So his palette has inspired today's Sunday best. And I've been feeling like I want to wear more colour lately too. I love my neutral uniform, of course. But sometimes trademark style can become a security blanket rather than a choice. It's good to be a little afraid of what you're wearing once in awhile.

Tonight there's a wee gathering. Champagne and rose nectar. Truffled cheese and my favourite Counting Sheep. Music and high jinx. And, of course, cake. I'm cheating slightly - I ordered a lemon chiffon cake and plan to decorate it like the one shown here. I'm allowed cheat on my birthday.

And I wanted to share some of today's celebration with you. My relationship with my blog has changed a little of late. My ideas about what it ought to be are reshaping. The part that is constant is the connection I feel to the people who regularly read, and especially those who regularly comment, e-mail or reach out to me on Twitter and Facebook.

I really want to give away a little treat. But I don't want to turn this into a giveaway post. So, I'm not telling you what the treat is. In fact, I'm not going to decide myself until I choose a random person from the comments. Because I'd like - if at all possible - for it to be personal. And it's not big, so contest trawlers don't waste your energy - no trips to Paris here! This is a wee something for you - the people who read regularly - from me. To thank you.

Happy Sunday!

Products: Stella Cake from Apollinas / Ksubi Devoré T-shirt from Net-a-Porter / It's Raining Men from Deborah Lippmann / Crimson Tint from Laura Mercier / Ring (my own) by Andrea Bonelli / Rothko's No. 5/No. 22 at AGO / Marlow hobo from J.Crew / Rail straight jeans from Madewell / Junou Sandal from Toast

UPDATE: At the end of day Jun 27th, I randomly selected a comment using a random number generator and the winner was KAYLA POOLE, who will be receiving a picked-for-her treat in the mail shortly. THANK YOU ALL for the lovely birthday wishes!
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