Sunday best: Pink reader

Yesterday was not a nice day. I woke up to thunderstorms and pulled the covers over my head, instantly giving up on most of my Saturday plans. Thunderstorms terrify me. I had to go out later for a haircut and the weather had improved somewhat.

I treated myself to some canelé de Bordeaux from Nadège (I can't believe I hadn't tasted these before - they are a revelation) and cozied up in a corner of a coffee shop with my book.

I'm definitely going through a pink phase lately. I love this dress by Virginia Johnson and keep looking at it. And, like so many other bloggers, my imagination has been captured by the jewelry of Erin Considine.

Today, I'm going to take a stroll and spend more time with my book. One day, I may be able to explain the other-worldly feeling that certain words affect in me. The book I've been reading (slowing) is full of words that do that to me. I could give up on many things in the world, but not this feeling.

Happy Sunday!

Products: Cupla by Erin Considine / Scoop neck dress fish pink from Virgina Johnson / Aubin & Wills cardigan from Net-a-Porter / Sel Marin Eau de Parfum from Heeley Parfums / Hugo Guinness Dog Show Organic Cotton Tote Bag from John Derian / One-of-a-kind tourmaline ring from Satomi Kawakita / Nail polish from Scotch Naturals / Library books mug from Kate Spade / Balenciaga Button Ballet Flat from Barneys
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