June is the halfway month and it's also my birthday month; seems like a good time to take stock.

I've been focused on honing how I spend my time lately. This has meant saying "no" a lot more; especially to projects that don't interest me. I'm pretty focused on my shop right now and my writing too. So, saying "no" has begun to feel necessary and important. I've always been a yes-girl, so this is an big lesson for me. Hopefully, it will also alleviate those feelings I sometimes have of being taken advantage of by disingenuous people.

Although launching Coterie was my major achievement so far this year, a lot of my work this year has been more elemental. I've been trying to examine and, where appropriate, discard old patterns of behaviour that no longer serve a useful purpose. I guess I've been trying to grow up, whatever that means. I turn 35 this month. It's always felt like a significant birthday, sometimes a scary one. But I'm feeling pretty good these days. It's new and nice.

So there are no major, resolution-y goals for these summer months. I really would just like to have some fun days with friends, some time on the water, to make the most of Ontario produce and the farmers' market and to enjoy ice lollies and books, to take good photographs (for the store and in general) and to paint my nails bright hues and maybe even wear some colours I don't usually.

Of course, there are other goals. I still "should" myself about lots of things. But I'm not going to make this post a list of those things I think I need to do in order to be a fully-formed person. It usually turns out that the things I'm most proud of were never items on a to-do list anyway, things I could not have fathomed happening. So, more than goals, I'm hoping for something that's unfathomable to me right now.
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