Inspiring women: Helen Dillon

One of my Dublin flats was a stone's throw from Helen Dillon's Georgian home and famous garden in Ranelagh and yet somehow I never visited. It's one of those things I often kick myself for. Dillon is a world-renowned plantswoman, writer and lecturer. I love her forthright approach and tone; not in the least bit precious or exclusive.

I especially love this quote where she talks about feeling satisfied and happy with her accomplishments: "I'm getting happier in my skin. I think up to the age of about ten, one is oneself. Or I was myself. And then all these influences come in on you - bang, bang, bang - school and pressures and demands to conform to this or that, and I think I've only recently gone back to being myself. I think I'm just about getting the confidence to go back to being the real me, rather than the embroidered-for-presentation-to-the-public me."

Website: The Dillon Garden
Books: Down to Earth With Helen Dillon
Garden Artistry: Secrets of Designing and Planting a Small Garden
Image above from photos of The Dillon Garden
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