Well, I pretty much shared what I've been mulling over in yesterday's post. I loved all the comments and was delighted for such a good discussion. Thank you for taking the time to write such considered responses!

We had a few really hot days this week, as well as some epic storms. Thunderstorms scare me enough to hide under my covers. If I'm going to be in bed, I think I can justify buying some of these cute bedclothes Jen blogged (the prices are amazing too!)

This weekend, I want to do some rearranging around my apartment, some picture framing and hanging especially. I loved this house tour (part 2, part 3) from Fine Little Day. I was also crazy about the Nightwood house tour, first spotted on Teenangster. I'm feeling a little antsy to redecorate but I'm trying to just make small changes.

A Coterie update will be coming soon. I have two shipments on the way from suppliers and I'm hoping the rolling postal strike doesn't get too much in the way. Thank you to Krissy for including a scarf in her summer essentials round-up and to Jen for including a muddler in her summer drinks round-up on Houzz!

What are you up to this weekend? If it's too hot for, maybe consider swimming like a crocodile! Doesn't it sound nice?

Flickr image credits: 1. White ceramics, 2. Untitled, 3. Mascarpone cheese cupcakes, 4. summer dress
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