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Despite polarizing press to the contrary, I - like most of my friends - still consume content across all media. What I value and want most is the flexibility to browse and read in the format that suits my mood and purpose at any given moment. And what I judge is not the medium, but the content itself (originality and integrity), the visual experience and, in the case of online, user experience.

I've mentioned before that I find the e-zine a difficult format to consume. Despite the excellent content in some e-zines, its ontology seems to encourage speedy flipping; ruthless hitting of that "next" arrow until the end is reached. In contrast, physical magazines slow me down, suffuse me in a more reflective and engaged experience.

Perhaps because I'm so supersaturated in the blogosphere, it's more and more difficult for me to have that strong sense of "discovery" when consuming content. I have to say, some blog-to-print magazines and e-zines have been especially disappointing because I feel like I've seen most of the homes, the projects and products online already.

And although I love the blog, I feel increasingly that the big blogs are really struggling to strike a balance of advertising, advertorial and editorial. And it saddens me that so many of my favourite blogs and bloggers, despite excellent content and large audience share, are struggling to be profitable and to grow.

The best "discovery" for me still comes from print and (happy-to-be) smaller blogs. In print, this is a function of budget and talent investment rather than the medium itself. The print magazines I most enjoy these days are World of Interiors (always my fave), House Beautiful and Traditional Home. In smaller blogs, it's a function of pure passion, raw talent for creating personalized content and a bolshie refusal to sell out which I admire, though it saddens me in other ways.

I'm really interested in your thoughts on this in general, and specifically:
- What
(decor, fashion or otherwise) magazines are your favourites right now ?
- Is the ad-to-content ratio on some blogs, sites or magazines off-putting for you as a reader?

- Do you have a preferred medium? Or, like me, do you dip into them all?
- Where do you find your "new discovery" content these days?
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