A big week for me – so much excitement, a teensy weensy bit of catharsis… but that’s inevitable when you build yourself up as much as I tend to! And, as always for me, a craving to find normalcy in the excitement. So, I’m finding a new rhythm in writing, freelancing, retailing and working my day job, making sure I exercise and cook and laugh as well. Phew! But all is well and good.

The weather has been tempestuous all week. Every day I was up at sunrise, surveying the sky and full with hope for a beautiful day. But deluges came out of nowhere and fog rolled in, which is rare in Toronto. Every fibre of my being is hoping magnolias bloom this weekend, but I suspect I’ll have to settle for a branch from the flower market to bloom on my windowsill.

I want to send a huge thank you to the following bloggers who mentioned Coterie this week: Jen of Honey Kennedy (who has a beautiful new blog!), Abby of Abby Try Again, Abbey or Aesthetic Outburst, Jen of The Haystack Needle, Erin of Reading My Tea Leaves, Chelsea of {frolic!} and Joanna of Simply Blueprint. And, the people who tweeted and retweeted, liked Coterie on Facebook and, of course, my very first customers. Thank you all!

I have a long wishlist of artists and makers I want to add to the store, but I also want to try to grow as organically as possible. As always, I’m balancing being calm and accepting with having BIG dreams!

The blogosphere seemed quiet this week, but Chelsea’s Easter feast made my insides light up and Emma’s bedroom reveal blew my mind. My dear friend Nadia is setting off on a new and exciting phase and I’m filled to the brim with hope and excitement for her. And Alice launched her new portfolio, and it’s divine.

I have lots of little jobs to do at home this weekend. I still haven’t hung my solar shade (gun-shy after the last attempt and never a fan of using the power drill). I want to hang some pictures and sort and clean out my storage locker and a million little things. What are you up to? Have a great weekend!!

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