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Fleurishing has quickly won my affections and I'm delighted to have Susan contribute to Where we blog from. Susan has wonderful taste (we share many an affection, from Repetto shoes, Diptyque candles, Miles Davis and Farrow & Ball). And I adore her new Proust Q&A series with bloggers. I'm excited to follow Fleurishing and get to know Susan better. This is a great way to start! This is where Susan blogs from and what she has to say about it...

I am flattered to be included in this series, thank you Jane! I write about my musings daily at Fleurishing, and also just launched my online design company, Nesting, LLC! Please stop by and say hello, I would love it! And of course, being an interior designer, I feel a little extra pressure with this feature, eek!

This is my "office"...aka a corner of our living room! As you can see it is from our furry child Billy's point of view, as he lays on the sofa. We recently moved to this loft space from a larger home down south, so it has been challenging (and surprisingly freeing) to be selective about our furnishings! It is amazing how much you don't need when you live on a smaller scale, and how much more appreciation you have for what is special (and needed). Keep in mind I have not painted since we are only here for a short time...

The chair was my grandfather's and is very dear to me...and you can also see a hint of my correspondence with him above the desk. The artwork is by a favorite painter of mine, Sharon Dowell. I met her down south and surprised mr. fleurishing on our one year anniversary with a rendering of where we were married. I recently added the cotton stems to my vase from Terrain, my favorite local haunt. The basket holds many fabric samples, paint books, and other design tools.

The drapes hung in our former dining room, and I cannot even explain how happy they make me! The leopard pillow was a recent addition from High Street Market, and it adds a little more spice. I usually have the shade down since we stare at another building, but I have to admit...I love the old brick!

I like an uncluttered desk, so I've kept it simple. My vintage porcelain rose box holds little bits, and sits atop my very favorite old book. In case you haven't noticed, I am a girly girl! My macbook goes with me everywhere and makes any space my office/blogging spot...I don't know how I would live without it!

A vertical shot so you can see our open ductwork and thick window sill where Billy often sits...(yes, like a cat)! I am really loving our place, it is perfect for us at the moment. Thank you for letting me share my space, merci beaucoup Jane!!

Thanks Susan!
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