Sunday best: Spending time with favourites

You know those days when you just want to spend some time with things you know and love, when you need the comfort of familiarity? I've been craving that this weekend; favourite cardigans and books whose words I nearly know by heart, the one odd mug I've moved from place to place and that same scented candle I've religiously bought for years.

I'm not always like this. I often crave newness. I like crisp new things just out of their wrapping some days. I like the feeling of unfamiliarity and getting to know new things. Turning the pages of a book and being surprised.

But not today. Today I don't want any uncertainty. I just want to wallow and spend time with things I love. To enjoy the fact that I have those things and that I don't necessarily always need to be hunting for something new and shiny and intoxicating; that I can find happiness in all these things I'm surrounded by.

And, you know, sometimes I put recurring objects in these Sunday bests for this reason. Because really I don't want a vast closet of never-worn options. I want the perfect cardigan or vintage watch, the necklace that becomes my trademark and the fragrance that becomes entwined in my identity. Those room-like closets that many people fantasize about make me think sometimes we give ourselves too much choice.

And maybe, once in awhile, it's good to enjoy that our choices are limited and instead cultivate a deeper, richer experience with personal objects. Even if it's all still just "stuff", at the end of the day.

Products: Ribbed Shawl Bolero from Brora / Sundrine chambray shirtdress from J.Crew / Remembering Beckett / Mini Shea Butter from L'Occitane / Patek Philippe watch from 1st Dibs / Tights from Falke / Mini Alexa from Mulberry / The Biker boot from Madewell
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