Hooray for Friday and, hopefully, a bit of a thaw after a few icy days here. I've said it many times, but I'm just not a fan that ice.

I took advantage of the stay-indoors time and worked on my blog redesign. I hit that point in the process (which is the same as any renovation or redecoration project), where I started to "see" the final product. And once I was there, I could barely stand to look at the current design. I take this as a good sign and have my fingers crossed you all like the changes too.

I'm one of those people who figures out how to do things herself rather than outsourcing it, so there's always a learning curve when I'm doing these kinds of things. But I love that feeling of figuring out something new and better understanding what's going on, rather than paying somebody for it all to stay a mystery. Of course, there are exceptions to this: I'm really happy to know nothing about taxes or legal things and pay somebody else to look after that!

Some links from around the blog neighbourhood: A beautiful collection of paintings of women reading books. My favourite is the one by Alexander Deineka; she looks intense and absorbed. Stephanie always knows how to perfectly capture what so many of us think about and struggle to piece together properly. On the home front, I loved this space and these ceramics. And in fashion, I love the 20's inspired collection.

What are you up to this weekend? Wishing you a lovely one!

Image credits: 1. i love bread, 2. Untitled, 3. The Shed, 4. Untitled
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