Where we blog from: Wsake

Anna of wsake is a blogger with a beautiful eye and a jewelry designer. She collaborates with her Dad (who is a silversmith) to make the lovely pieces that she sells through her online store. I love her tiny stars and her little dog necklace especially. Her blog posts are characterized by her groupings of four images. I love these groupings, they are like a salve for the eyes and I always find myself taken to a dreamy place when I visit her blog. This is where Anna blogs from and what she has to say about it...

Hello there, I'm Anna and I'd like to show you where I blog from.

Somehow I just can't work in the same position the whole day, so I'm constantly moving around the house taking my laptop everywhere i go.

But mostly I spend my time blogging right behind that vine-covered window looking out at those beautiful leaves.

I'm always surrounded by the things I'm working on; prototypes, drawings, necklaces of all kinds, lots and lots of vintage glass beads and my little sister's lovely "teeth apart!"-sign to remind us not to grind our teeth while working very concentrated.

Thank you so much for having me, it's such an honour!

Thanks Anna!
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