Where we blog from: One Must Shock the Bourgeois

Elizabeth of One Must Shock the Bourgeois is a sweet and singular voice in the blogosphere. She has a penchant for a glamorous gothic kind of vibe, so it's perfect timing to showcase her space around Halloween (just look at what she did for spooky season decor!) When she's not decorating and tablescaping, she keeps herself busy with her mouthwatering kitchen chemistry, her Etsy store Rappaccini's Garden and much more... I love how consistent and enticing her aesthetic is. This is where Elizabeth blogs from and what she has to say about it...

Welcome to my office- the corner of my living room where I blog from!

I'm clearly a "more is more" type, but I try to keep my workspace curated and dynamic. My inspiration board combines "dare to dream" items with paint chips and fabric swatches that reflect the actual scheme of my apartment. I find that keeping a working palette helps me to keep my decor cohesive and my wishlist edited! The faux branch is currently adorned with rain drops, but it changes seasonally, wearing snowflakes in Winter and cherry blossoms in Spring. It's also frequently draped with jewelry pieces waiting to be added to my Etsy shop. My calendar is illustrated by Jen Corace- and I'll be framing every page so I don't have to part with it in 2011!

My desk wouldn't be complete without a few quirks, like the dental mold that I use to stash my business cards...

My living room window offers plenty of light- and also plenty of distractions. The passersby are often strangely attired (this is Berkeley, after all) and I catch odd snippets of conversation, like, "have you consulted your tarot cards?" My cats (Matilda, the tortie-point siamese, and Phineas, the handsome tabby) spend most of the day on the windowsill watching our hummingbird and menacing the neighborhood squirrels.

Many thanks to Jane for having me!

Thanks Elizabeth!
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