Where we blog from: Mocking Bird

Welcome to the beautiful world of Amanda Gilligan. Amanda is a teacher and photographer from Sydney, living in Vancouver, and her blog is simply and honestly one of the most beautiful out there. Her impeccable eye shines through both her own photography and her selection of beautiful objects and images. And her words have a lovely directness that imparts a sense of warm and welcoming conversation. This is where Amanda blogs from and what she has to say about it...

I am so thrilled to be taking part in Where We Blog From. Thank you so much for asking me, Jane!

My boyfriend and I recently moved into a new place not too far from downtown Vancouver. This apartment has a much bigger office than our last place, so I have my desk set up there. I write while I look out the window to view the beautiful local Vancouver mountains. I'm Australian, so looking out to those mountains is such a different outlook for me, but I absolutely love it.

I like to be inspired by the things around me when writing which is why I have the pile of Polaroids, a beautiful photograph by Abby Thompson Powell and glass jars that hold my happy trinkets and wooden stamps. It also serves as a functional space for my film scanning and a workspace for putting together my print shipments for my print store. As we've not long moved in, the area isn't as I would completely like it yet. I'm still working on getting in a shelf to store my cameras, photo boxes and office supplies.

My desk was a Christmas gift from my boyfriend and I absolutely adore it. I feel so pretty and happy when I'm sitting at it and it allows me to do a little mind wandering...

Thanks for having me, Jane!

Thanks Amanda!
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