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The English Muffin Blog is a recent addition to my reader. This blog is visually stunning, chock-full of amazing finds (with ample Canadian goodness) and also the first-person sharing that takes a blog I like and turns it into one I love. Bess also has an Etsy store where she sells her lovely prints. In both blog and store, her personality shines, light and airy and full of charm. This is where Bess blogs from and what she has to say about it...

Thanks so much for asking me to be part of "Where we blog from", this is such a treat!

My husband and I recently moved to Montreal, Canada after spending a few years living in Europe. So while we are high on adventure, we are still a little low on furniture. I am however really happy that I managed to store the drafting table my dad built for me while we were overseas. Currently, I'm doing all my illustrations on the computer, so although the tabletop can hinge up to make the perfect inclined surface for drawing, I'm using it as a desk for now.

The school clock is another favourite of mine. Canadian readers may get a sudden pang of fear/nostalgia as this clock was standard issue across the school boards - at least in Ontario. My husband Charles' friend swiped it from a classroom when the teacher wasn't looking, he handed it to Charles and asked him to hold on to it for him. If that long lost friend is reading, sorry, you can't have it back.

The grey felt pocket was from a project I did in design school. It was so tricky to source a high quality heavy felt. I ended up at a commercial felt distributor with my mom pretending that we were starting a new company manufacturing felt products. Since my mom is a designer, and can talk the talk, they gave us a sample. Now it sits on my desk and holds bits and bobs of paper I don't want to loose.

Next to my desk is the packaging and inventory area for English Muffin. Charles and I found the white filing cabinet on the side of the road, hauled it into the car and drove it home. With a couple of coats of white paint it looks like new, and is the perfect piece to keep my office looking organized.

On the filing cabinet sits my little wooden Aarikka car. A toy that I've held onto from my childhood. It would be nice one day to pass it along to my own kids, seeing as I am only going to allow beautiful wooden toys (and of course English Muffin prints)!

Fresh from the printer, the Animal Alphabet Poster is one of the prints I sell in my shop. It was the first print that was for sale, and still a terrific seller.

Thanks again for inviting me over to Ill Seen, Ill Said, Jane!
xo Bess

Thanks Bess!
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