Sunday best: At the antiques market

I've had such a lovely weekend. Productive, but the kind of productivity that's so much fun it feels indulgent and completely satisfying. I wonder are there people who feel this way about their day jobs? I suppose there are.

Today, I'm thinking about hitting the antiques market. Not really shopping for anything in particular - happy to gallivant and pick things up and turn them over to look at what's hidden underneath. I would love to wear a Barbour jacket over this look to go antiquing in!

The weather in Toronto has been insanely beautiful, so this rainy dull Sunday is okay. On Friday night I walked home in the fog, stopping by Xococava for some treats for my guest. There were tiny drops just hanging in the air and wetting the pavement but not me. And you'd nearly think the sea was just down the hill and the fog was rolling in from it.

It's important to stop a moment and drink all of this in. And I think it's important to try to use words to describe it in your head. Searching for the right words cements the beauty of it. Because it all passes by so quickly and if you haven't really made a point of relishing it, you'll forget what it was like on that random day when everything seemed simple and perfect.

Wishing you a lovely Sunday, friends!

Products: Armand Diradourian Woven Plaid Shawl from Barneys / Aran Dress from Calypso / Antique Sowerby Fern Print from Hindsvik / KeepCup / Emily Hass Bag from Martin Clothes / Cartier 1950's Time/Date from 1st Dibs / Thorn band from Conroy & Wilcox / Rustic Blue Storage Crate from Hindsvik / Star Brand Vintage Paint Crate from Hindsvik / ChloƩ Wool-lined leather boots from Net-a-Porter / Opaque Tights from Anthropologie
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