Perfect, small abode

I don't fantasize about much more than I've got when it comes to living spaces. I adore my apartment and the neighbourhood it's in. It would be nice to have space for a bigger dining table and a little more counter space in the kitchen. A second bedroom would come in handy too for out-of-towners. But these are all achievable goals.

The other vexations are really finishes; those things you let fly in a rental that you'd change instantly in something you owned. And I think ultimately, they're the things that will really push me to one day buy - more so than any financial argument about property ladders or any of that. It will be because I want to refinish floors or pick out tile or wallpaper.

I saw this home on Hus & Hem yesterday and loved so much about it. It's a small space (an open concept loft could mimic this floorplan in an urban setting), but has the perfect amount of space allocated for each function. It could easily accommodate a large dinner party, but still be cozy for a night home alone. And I love all the rugged texture and layering. I could call this place home in a second.

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